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Spread joy...Not germs

Greetings from quarantine! I am right there with everyone else. It gets old pretty fast so I try to give myself little tasks to accomplish. Since I fatigue easily sometimes my task will just be phone calls and letter writing. Its nice to reach out and catch up with family and friends.     Lots of people are so afraid and fear can be more crippling than a disease. Having gone through chemo/radiation, a clinical trial, and a bone marrow transplant...I have had to sequester before. Like many of you with weakened immune systems you have to be very careful. I have the added bonus that my lungs were effected by graft vs host. However, we are still here so don't forget how to "live.” Don't let the media and fear take over your every thought.      Hopefully by the time this is over we will all be a little more compassionate and appreciative of little things that really matter. Recently, I won a raffle and the prize was a beautiful Sabika necklace. I decided to pay it forward

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